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We serve the boldest entrepreneurs and the smartest businesses on the cutting edge of new regulatory environments, new industries, new technology, and emerging markets. 

We think outside the box of traditional legal services. We help to manage costs through predictable retainer plans. No surprise invoice items, no billing by the nanosecond.



Securities and Corporate Law

Labor and Employment Matter

Startup and Early-Phase Needs

Fundraising Transactions

Civil Litigation

Niche Regulatory Environments



Ray-at-Law is a corporate, transactional, and litigation firm with connections and partners across practice areas, from general corporate matters through civil litigation, complex regulatory compliance needs, and securities transactions. We help our clients build smart, efficient businesses. Our clients range from startups and early-phase businesses through established corporate clients.


Ray-at-Law works in partnership with specialists in its various practice area to deliver you high-quality legal services specifically tailored to your needs. We value client service and value-consciousness over billable hours. That is why we prefer to operate on regular, monthly retainers that help you predict your exact legal costs instead of having to budget around a lawyer's "best estimate." 

Ray-at-Law has offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and is fully insured. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our services.


RAY AT LAW partners with recommended specialists to provide additional expertise in areas like cannabis, cryptocurrency, tax matters, and HR consulting.


RAY AT LAW offers affordable retainer options for businesses who need ongoing legal support. 


RAY AT LAW offers project based legal work for those needing litigation or other one-time business.


RAY AT LAW often speaks at events and holds workshops and webinars on specialized topics.

Cannabis Client

"Chris did an astounding job on the task I had for him. He went above and beyond with his review and covered a variety of areas. His turnaround time was extremely fast as well for something not-so-easy to provide an opinion on. I will definitely use Chris in the future for any legal items."

Litigation Client

Christopher is incredible to work with. He's quick, thorough, and communicative. The outcome of the project always exceeds our expectations and we look forward to working with Christopher on an ongoing basis.

Corporate Client

This is my second time working with Christopher, and his work is just as good as I remembered. He communicates clearly, shows his work in detail, and delivers results on time. I highly recommend his services.